Sundown Festival 2015

Hi Guys! This weekend I’m heading to Sundown Festival. It’s a music festival that takes place in the home of UEA – Norwich! It takes place at the Showground, which is where the Norfolk Show is held and is adjacent to my workplace. 

I’m super excited to go, it will be my first time at a festival. I’m a bit nervous about what to do and what to take.

The acts I’m most excited to see are: Sigma, Ella Henderson and Fuse ODG! I can’t wait to hear them live and be in the crowd when they’re performing! I think the vibe and the buzz will be so good and create such a fun atmosphere! 

I’ve been compiling a mental list of what to take with me… Obviously I’m taking clothes but I’m debating what kind of clothes – jeans or shorts? Dresses or jumpers? Crop tops or hoodies? The weather in England is so unpredictable and even when it’s supposed to be sunny it can still sometimes be chilly. Thinking I will take a couple of playsuits and shorts but a pair of jeans and leggings and some comfy hoodies… That should keep me going! Do I take my wellies though?!?

I’m also a bit confused about what food to take with me. So far I’ve got some cereal and cereal bars. I’m also thinking along the lines of some tins of fruit, bananas, apples, bottles of water and some black currant. Anyone got any other ideas that would be useful?!

Being a student means I have a tight budget and that still applies this weekend.. Especially as I’m on the last dregs on my student loan and obviously don’t get my new one until the end of September! To make things cheaper I am planning on taking as much food as I can so I buy a minimum amount whilst there. There is a sainsburys across the road so may pop and buy some bits there if food within the Showground is super expensive! I’m also planning to park at work and walk over to save paying £20 to park my car all weekend…how extortionate!!!!

If anyone has any top festival tips for a newbie like me, feel free to share!!! ☺️


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