Top 5 Norwich Restaurants! 

So as a little tip for students preparing to come to UEA in a couple of weeks time I thought I would do a post on some of my favourite restaurants in the area and where they are. 

1. My all time favourite restaurant is called Zak’s. Its an American themed diner and they have three locations in Norwich. Zak’s is a purely Norfolk brand and the only other restaurant is new and is situated in Thetford. It does some of the best burgers around, and the chicken wings are the die for. My favourite thing on the menu though is the ‘Choc-Mallow Mountain’. It’s a ginormous combination of squeezy whipped cream, marshmallows (although I pick those out), chocolate ice cream, vanilla ice cream, malteasers, brownie bits and chocolate sauce! It’s absolutely delicious. It is made to share but some have been known to have it to themselves 😦. Zak’s offers a loyalty scheme which sometimes offers discount of meals or free soft drink refills. They also give UEA students 25% for 4 or under dining between Monday and Thursday! It’s a great offer! Zak’s are fairly easily accessibly via bus from the uni so it’s not too difficult to get to for students without transport. 

2. Castle Carvery Clocktower Bowthorpe. This is part of a group. They are all based around the Norwich and Norfolk area such as the city centre and Yarmouth. I really like a roast dinner so have tried quite a few but this by far is my favourite carvery in the area! It is a little more expensive than others but it’s delicious. The meat is lovely and the vegetables are cooked properly as I sometimes find that they are quite hard in carvery’s. They offer a really varied selection: carrots, parsnips, suede, mash, roast potatoes, peas, cauliflower cheese and cabbage! You also get sausages and you get to pick your own Yorkshire! It’s in Bowthorpe which is about a 10 minute car journey from the uni, but would be reasonably easily accessible by bike and would cost less than £10 in a taxi. Buses from the city centre to Bowthorpe also run twice an hour and stop on the road near the carvery. 

3. Can’t beat a nandos!! There are two nandos in the Norwich. One on Red Lion Street opposite Debenhams in the city centre. The UEA bus picks up just 2 minutes up the road from Nandos so it’s fairly easy to get to! This is the bigger of the two nandos as it has a vast seating area and the servers are lovely and offer relatively quick service! The second nandos is at Riverside, a five minute walk from the train station. This one is slightly smaller but does serve coke zero which is my personal favourite of the Bottomless drinks on offer at Nandos! My favourite things to have in nandos are halloumi cheese with my main and either Chocolate Cheesecake or Bottomless Chocolate Frozen Yoghurt for dessert! 

4. Lucky Star Chinese buffet. This is in the city centre, two minutes from the train station. It’s £15.99 in the evening for the buffet and that doesn’t include drinks. The food is really well cooked and the waiters are friendly. They offer a variation of foods, catering for people who don’t particularly like strong Chinese flavour to those who love real Chinese food. They’re dessert selection is excellent with miniture desserts, a chocolate fountain with marshmallows to dip in. An ice cream machine with sauces and sweets to pop on top. It’s usually fairly busy but not rammed and they bring out food regularly to ensure its fresh and hot! 

5. The Marsh Harrier. This is a pub on the outskirts of the city, so it’s not that easily accessible. However either the Long Stratton or Mulbarton bus from the city centre stop right outside so if you’re prepared to sit on the bus for a while it’s well worth it! The food is good quality and is made on the premises, but it’s not too expensive. It’s part of the Vintage Inns group so you can often get discounts on meals! My favourite meals are the Sausage and Mash are the flavours are delicious or on Wednesdays they have a pie night where they offer a vast selection of pies! It’s well worth a visit! 

Hope this is helpful for new students!


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