Why im glad I chose UEA

I thought that to help out students who may be worrying about going to UEA in a couple of weeks I would do a few reasons why I’m glad I chose UEA as my university! 

1. At first it looks like a concrete jungle, but it only takes a few weeks to come to love the concrete buildings and to consider whichever one houses your lectures home.

2. The lecturers, seminar leaders and staff are all lovely and friendly and always willing to help.

3. The library has 5 floors, so from about September until February (when people start to get into serious revision mode) there’s plenty of places to sit. There is also plenty of sockets if you have brought your own laptop in. 

4. There’s a vast selection of food on offer throughout the campus, with the coffee and snacks in the Julian Study Centre, the Campus Kitchen which offers tasty and reasonably priced meals and Blend which offers easy to carry lunches and delicious bites such as curly fries. The convienience store in The Street has some lovely deals and good food but if you go in there at lunchtime be prepared to wait in the queue for a while. I love popping in there in the mornings for a Pain au Chocolat! 

5. You meet some really lovely and down to earth people. You can meet them anywhere and everywhere on campus: the library, the shop, the cafes, the lecture theatres. People are always friendly and happy to talk. 

6. The steps. This is the hub of activity during the early autumn and late spring, and summer months. People will sit there and chat, eat their lunch and drink. When it’s lovely weather the square will be full to bursting point of people. They sometimes put displays on, for instance from the drama society and music clubs. They also sometimes have vendors in the square: like hotdog or burger vans and Chinese! 

7. The LCR. This place is so much fun, although the LCR itself is only one room, this usually refers to the three rooms used on a club night such as the LCR, Blue Bar and the Hive. It’s full of people and the music is great. You’re always guaranteed a good night!

8. The lake. The lake is gorgeous and beautiful and well worth a walk round. You can access it from all sorts of areas not just from the campus itself. It’s lovely to sit around and relax in summer, especially after exams. There are also bbq points alongside the lake which is great for hanging out with your friends in! 

9. The amount of bicycle stands available. I’ve been thinking about getting a bike for this upcoming year at uni and I love how UEA tries to encourage people to cycle instead of drive by having bike sheds and bike stands available throughout the campus! 

10. The Sportspark. The Sportspark isn’t just open for UEA students, it’s accessible for all people as well, which means it’s been build to great standards and UEA students are able to use it at a slightly reduced cost. The gymnastics studio at the back of the Sportspark is my favourite place! 

11. The clubs and societies on offer. There really is something on offer for everybody and the Union are more than willing to help you set up a new club if there’s not something that interests you! 

12. The Union. They’re do so much to make sure the students feel happy and safe at uni and have everything they need. They do a wonderful job and they’re a big part of the reason that so many UEA students enjoy their time at uni! 


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