In love with Tenerife

So I had my long awaited summer holiday last week, where me and my boyfriend went to Playa de las Americas in Tenerife. I have always wanted to go to Tenerife ever since I was younger and I heard that the sand there was black (as much as this is interesting, the imported golden sand beaches are still prettier, although the black volcanic sand beaches are still undeniably beautiful). Las Americas is one of the popular tourist dominated destinations on the Island. Its has six beaches all linked up and easier to walk along via the promenade. Playa las vistas is a golden beach between Los Cristianos (neighbouring town) and Playa de las Americas.

Las Americas is home to many bars, cafes, restaurants and clubs that can appeal to all sorts of people, from all ages and backgrounds. Students will love the fun, care free and relaxed atmosphere and the opportunity to consume great quality food and drink for small prices. Our favourite places in the area, were an English and then an Irish pub a couple of streets back from the beach and to the South West of the Hard Rock Cafe, Siam Park – the waterpark in Costa Adeje and the Beach Club restaurant set right on the verge of the beach behind the Hard Rock restaurant and the Palace hotel.

Siam Park was amazing! It is citied as being the biggest waterpark in Europe, which was originally a major factor in my decision making to go there. The wave palace was my favourite attraction! Its different from any other wave pool i have been in, as instead of steady, medium sized waves, it send one huge massive wave along every couple of minutes! I really enjoyed swimming right out to the deep end and being swept forward every time the wave came around! Me and George really liked their new ride Singha, which goes fast and twists round and round, and up and down. We were very surprised by the lazy river… Not so lazy! I’ve never experienced a lazy river with such little current – i spent most of the time dragging the boat round! It also has a mini rapid ride included in it which was super fun – although unexpected the first time round and I hurt my bum!

Our hotel was absolutely lovely! One of the nicest hotels I have stayed in! The staff were really lovely and couldn’t have tried harder to make our stay more fun. The animation team in particular were amazing! The hotel was called Best Tenerife, part of the Best Hotels group. It was incredibly reasonable value for money at £578 each for a week long all inclusive stay, including our flights, baggage and transfer. The hotel served the nicest mash – creamy, tangy and soon delicious! I can’t recommend it enough!

Overall Tenerife was a gorgeous and fun location, that proved to be good value for money on my student budget, I will definitely be going again!


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