First year at uni can teach you so much..

Y0u learn lots of things at uni.. that much is given, some things you expect to learn  – your subject. Others come as more of a surprise. Some things will be valuable to you whilst you are at uni, whilst others may help you throughout life. These are some important things I have learnt this year, about myself, about people and about life in general.

  1. Making everything about your uni work won’t necessarily get you the highest grade. It will make you stressed, isolated and lonely. Make sure you give yourself time for fun and friends – uni is supposed to be an all rounded experience. As long as your studies remain a high priority on the list, you don’t have to donate every waking moment to them. You shouldn’t judge yourself or let anyone else judge you for this being the case.
  2. You’ll meet lots of interesting or ‘different’ people. It will help you embrace the idea that people don’t always fit into the set boxes you expect. You’ll also realise how its easy to become close friends with people that from a distance you would never expect to have a connection with. You learn not to judge anyone before you know them.
  3. You’ll learn to always be friendly and open in any situation due to the amount of times you’ll spend trying to get along with new people, in a new situation.
  4. You’re never going to be able to get along with everybody, but your first year at uni will help you to embrace working with, accepting and negotiating with people who you would usually experience tension with. I’ve been in situations this year, mostly focused around group work which would usually leave a cause for unhappiness amongst people, but embarking on a degree you are expected to learn to cooperate and work together overcoming any differences.
  5. You’ll really come to appreciate the value of your family and friends outside of uni. When your work is loading up and you’re feeling the stress, the opportunity to spend time with people outside of the university circuit will give you a chance to clear your head and focus more.
  6. Some people will always be better at time management than you, but this first year is all about learning to manage your own time wisely, without comparing yourself to other people. This was a particularly vital lesson for me. I tried so hard to manage my work around what other people were doing. To the point that I would be swapping and switching between pieces of work to try and make sure I was using the same material, or following the same plan and advice as my friends. It left me stressed and worried all the time and usually let to me having to spend much longer at home reworking my reports to make sure I was happy with them as my own rather than comparing them to my friends.

Remember to enjoy this year, learn, have fun, relax and work hard!


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