Am I prepared?! :@

So tomorrow is the beginning of my second year at uni.. Maybe I should change my blog name.. ‘First year at uni’ isn’t quite so relevant anymore.

I’ve gone someway to preparing myself for my second year. A couple of months ago, one of my lecturers sent us a list of books that may be useful for this year and recommended searching for some studies to help understand the methods we will be using this year. I bought an old edition of the book that was most likely to be helpful, and I borrowed a new edition from my local library. I went through the chapters that were relevant to the methods we will be studying this year and made some notes that will help me to understand what each method is for and how you go about completing a study. I also found and saved about 12 studies, that used the various methods we will be familiarising ourselves with this year…confession though… I haven’t gotten around to reading them yet. I’ve worked so much over the summer and what with my birthday, going away to Bedford, Amsterdam, Sundown and Tenerife, those saved webpages were pushed further down my priority list… whoops! I will read them over the first couple of weeks at uni though, I will!

Am I mentally prepared for this year? I’m not sure.. Everyone I have spoken to seems to indicate this year is going to be an incredible step up from last year, and is going to require a lot more commitment and hard work. I thought last year was hard! Part of me hasn’t yet accepted that I don’t have endless weeks of holiday still to go, whilst another is ready for the year and just wants to get it over and done with.

I’m telling myself that I’m going to be more prepared this year, be more organised. Think about my work in the long-term, rather than simply getting it over and done with. I also need to pay more attention in lectures – too much time was spent internet shopping last year! I’ve got my new laptop and new enthusiasm, so lets hope things all work out for the best! Wish me luck!


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