I wanna be a Fresher again

Hi Guys! Apologies that I didn’t write you exciting takes about freshers week… But truth be told there weren’t any. I’ve come down with the dreaded freshers flu from day one, I didn’t get paid until today so therefore expensive blow out nights were out of the question and to be honest with you.. I’m already knackered!! 

The first week back was a lot harder this year than it was last year! Last year was all introductions and get to know you sessions. Not this year. Your average get to know you session lasts approximately 6 minutes and then it’s straight in at the deep end. 

I thought the reading and workload last year was intense…. It’s nothing compared to this year… A summary of what reading was given to us in the first week:

  • 136 pages of reading for introduction and understanding of our optional module (not optional as in don’t have to take it, optional as in you get to choose which topic you study)
  • 13 studies and some textbook reading for one module
  • 8 studies and one chapter for a further module 
  • A chapter written by a lecturer (a classic showing off lecturer)
  • A chapter and a 40 page study for the final module 

So pretty intense. I’m working through it the best I can, but it’s already quite clear that this year is going to be a big step up from last and I’m going to have to be on the ball! 

I was really looking forward to joining the stunt cheerleading team this year, however I’m now debating whether or not it’s a good idea to. It’s clear I’m going to have a lot of work to do and it’s a lot of time to give up getting to and from UEA for the practice sessions which occur three times a week, and I’m already going to miss one as I work Wednesday evenings. What do you guys think, do I squeeze in more time for a sports club or do I focus on my studies?!

In other news, start of term means student discount! I’m desperate to make use of the discount in H&M as there’s this super cool jacket that I’m in love with! Unfortunately though, the discount isn’t available online and every time I pop into store they don’t have my size… I’ve got less than a week left before the discount end so I really hope they get a delivery soon! 

I’m sorry I can’t give you guys any exciting freshers week news! Whilst everyone has been donning their glam clothes and throwing themselves into student life I spent a lot of last week snuggled in bed wrapped in numerous blankets! Big first week back! 


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