When the burgers become extortionate!

So one of my favourite things about UEA is the burgers they sell in the convienience store on The Street. They sell veggie burgers, falafel burgers, southern fried chicken burgers, plain chicken, cheeseburgers, plain burgers, all sorts! 

They’re all very delicious and have soft white buns coated in flour which are some of my favourite types of rolls. 

Last year the burgers were a fairly reasonable price at varying prices between £2.19 and £2.79 depending on the type of burger you picked and what fillings. 

This year they’ve skyrocketed and now are…. £3.49! 

I’m deeply unimpressed as I consider this a rather large amount… 60p more and you could get a whole meal at McDonald’s! I won’t be buying these this year as my student budget isn’t equipped for such vast price increases for something that whilst oh so delicious, is just isn’t filling enough to justify. Never mind, homemade pasta it is!   


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