The Mint Room

Indian is one of my favourite things to eat! I absolutely love a good Korma and recently I’ve become quite fond of Chicken Tikka Masala as well. I’ve never been to an Indian Buffet before though and that sounds like a dream come true.

Last week I had a groupon offer come through for an Indian buffet at the Mint Room in Norwich. I’ve been the to the Mint Room before and thought it was really nice but it was just a normal choose from menu meal! 

The offer was £8.95 as opposed to £11.95 for a buffet (not including drinks) on a tuesday evening and either a Sunday lunchtime or evening. 

Me and my friend planned to go on the Sunday evening as I have work during the day and at the moment my Tuesday evenings have been dedicated to revision sessions with another friend from uni. We had also planned to go out on Saturday night and thought the Indian might cure our hangovers! As it turned out, we had a night in, but the Indian went down a treat anyway. 

For the price we paid (and even at £11.95 if it had been full price) it was really good value. They had all my favourite Indian cuisines:

Chicken Korma, Chicken Pakora, Chicken Tikka, Vegetable Samosas, Plain Naan and Garlic Naan, Pilau Rice and… AS MANY POPADOMS AS YOU WANTED 😍😍😍😍 heaven! 

The food was really good and tasted so yummy. My only criticisms were that you should have been able to have clean plates each time you went up, and that the drinks were quite expensive. Me and Mon each had a Diet Coke, that cost £2.50. This is a standard price for Coke I think, but the size was ridiculous. A tiny glass that must have been one can of Coke between us, next time I think I would have tap water! I will definitely go back though! The food was worth the price voucher or not, and the staff were really lovely and friendly. It’s definitely a good student destination for the value and the experience.

It is located next to Sainsburys Petrol Station and opposite Notre Dame High School in the city centre! 


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