Life after uni

To me it seems bonkers that with just under 2 years to go until I finish uni I already need to begin preparations for life after. 

I suppose if you think about it though it’s roughly about 20 months. And 20 months sounds like a much smaller amount of time than 2 years! 

It absolutely terrified me to think about it. I’m not sure what I want to do after uni and there’s a lot of emphasis from lecturers, seminar leaders and careers advisors to start thinking and planning now. 

They suggest getting experience and looking for placements, applying for summer internships and looking at companies you would like to work for. I would be interested in all of this and find it helpful, but unsure where I want to head with my degree I don’t know where to start!

I’ve always been interested in criminal psychology as I like the idea of working with offenders to rehabilitate them or with the police as an offender profiler. Those jobs are hard to come by though and would probably require further study commitments which I’m unsure whether I am keen on. 

Since embarking on the mental health module this year I have also discovered a love of this topic! I feel like I would really enjoy working with individuals suffering from mental health problems in the area of clinical psychology. Again though I need to consider whether I would want to continue studying after my third year. 

Another idea I had was to look at working with autistic children. I feel like that would be a job I can gain great satisfaction in. 

So many options to consider and such big choices to make. I had kind of hoped that going to uni would give me three years away from big decisions like that but it doesn’t look like I’ve escaped. Maybe I still have plenty of time to figure it out but the uncertainty is making me very nervous haha! 


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