I want to ride my bicycle

I’ve now cycled into uni roughly around 10 times! It’s actually really enjoyable! It’s difficult as my bike is fairly heavy and not built for long distance cycling so I find myself going slower than others around me – on bikes not on foot! Even so I love my bike as it is so pretty and lovely! I shall upload a picture! 

The route isn’t too difficult, I only have to go on the road for about 3 minutes, there’s a cycle path the rest of the way. I get to go through the hospital and past lovely fields and views – when the weather is lovely it’s a really pretty site and lovely route but when it rains it’s not much fun! It takes me about 25 minutes and is about 4 miles long. I get a real sense of achievement cycling to and from uni and it’s really peaceful and gives me time to think. I’m much calmer and less stressed after I’ve cycled and it’s quicker than driving to the park and ride then getting the bus! 

There’s plenty of places to park bicycles round UEA, although be prepared to get there early for a good space where you can keep your bike dry! It also gets a bit cramped throughout the day! The first time I cycled in I found two bikes blocking mine and had to use all my strength to lift my bike over there’s to get it out! 

So many people cycle around UEA, I was quite taken aback at first! The pathways are crowded and you have to follow the rules about which side to be on otherwise they’ll be a crash! Around about 8.50am there’s a lot of traffic (people on foot that is and bicycles, not cars) so in some places it can be quite slow work! Even so I enjoy myself and I’m very glad I spent my birthday money on a new bike! 


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