Mental Health

The optional module I picked to study this year was Mental Health.. I’m so glad I picked it as it is so interesting to learn about! I’ve only had two lectures on it because they run less frequently than my other modules but already my interest is peaked. 

I have liked the topics since we covered Clinical Psychology at A Levels. I find it interesting to learn about the various disorders and conditions, the symptoms and how they are diagnosed and the different forms of treatment. It’s an area I could see myself going into when I finish uni as I think I would be really rewarding to work with individuals and help them! 

I’m hoping I do well on this module as its so much more satisfying doing the work as its a really interesting topic to study and it’s nice to feel like you’re doing well at something you are interested in. 

I also joined the Headucate society which aims to raise awareness of Mental Health issues by going into schools and talking to kids about mental health problems as there is a large stigma about mental health in education. I think it will be really fulfilling and I’m looking forward to getting started! I’m hoping it will look good on my CV as well! 


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