Stunt Cheerleading! 

Ever since I was little and would watch American TV shows and read America themed books I’ve loved the idea of being a cheerleader! The girls just seemed so fun and lovely and perfect! 

Last year when I found out that UEA had not one but two cheerleading squads I was so excited! At the SportsMart the stunt cheerleading team looked a bit too full on for me as they were doing stunts (not surprising) and being thrown up in the air! So back then I looked at join CheerDance. Unfortunately due to my working commitments I couldn’t make the sessions which I was really disappointed about. 

Having seen pictures I know of people on the stunt cheer team and watched videos and seen them training when I went to gymnastics last year I decided that this year I was really keen to give Stunt Cheer a go! I’d heard so much about it and everyone seemed to really enjoy it and I just want to be a UEA Angel so bad! 

I didn’t make it to any taster sessions but I’m determined to go for it anyway! I’m going to go on Tuesday nights as this isn’t for competitions this is just for fun and for Derby Day so much more relaxed. Today I paid my membership and officially became a UEA Angel! I’m so excited to get going and I really want to buy a hoodie or something so I have something to show for it! The first practice session is next week and I can’t wait!


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