A New Perspective: A Blog Review

Pretty happy with this review! Thanks lovely😘

Surviving in San Marcos

So today I’m going to be reviewing a blog that I found that’s similar to mine. Most of my blog is about my personal experiences when it comes to student life, and how those have affected me. My goal is to help students feel comfortable and give them advice. This blog’s goal is to just share about her life as a student and let anyone read it and take away what they want from it. This blog really inspired me to add more content and more tabs to my page because I love the way that this persons blog has so much depth to their experiences and advice. First year at Uni  is written by bakerrrkd23 who currently attends UEA in the UK. She writes all about her student life, classes, social life, and even her work. I love the amount of variety that the author has provided, and how…

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