I’m an angel! 

Yesterday I went to my very first stunt cheerleading session with the UEA Angels! I had so much fun but man do I ache now. 

I hadn’t been to any taster sessions so I didn’t know what to expect but I went along and joined in! Straight after the warm up we got going and I was quite taken aback to go straight into the lifts and things! 

I’m disappointed I didn’t get to be a flyer but I think I’m too tall and not small enough for that! I’m a lot stronger than I thought I was though, as I acted as a base, which basically means you act with two others to lift a flyer off the ground and into the air and then you extend them even more so they are completely over your head. It is basically exactly as you see it on tv, I just never assumed I’d be doing it within 20 minutes of starting haha! I enjoyed it though! 

I’m not bad at it either, as I go to the gym and so have a fair bit of strength. The jumps and more dance themed bit are similar to how I’m used to with my old dancing I did as a teenager! 

I’m definitely going to carry on going, as I enjoyed it and I think it’s something I will be good at when I get into practice! One day I really hope I get to be a flyer! 

I can’t wait to be able to buy a hoodie or a top saying UEA Angels on, so I can wear it around campus! I’ve attached a link to their Facebook group so you can see one of the stunt’s we did last night!! Hopefully the link works!



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