Recruitment and Opportunities Fair

Today UEA hosted a recruitment fair and it didn’t just see people from the uni itself coming.. My friend who attended Warwick Uni and finished last year met me there as he was interested in getting some advice for an assessment day he is attending in November. 

It was absolutely packed in the Sportspark from wall to wall. I saw loads of people I knew in there. They were giving out quite a few freebies though like bags, pens and how to guides. I signed up for a couple of mailing lists of companies I could be interested in, and took some leaflets about sectors that interest me. It was also interesting to talk to the careers central guys as well, as they always have some helpful tips! 

I think UEA’s focus on employability is a real plus point of them as a uni. The careers service guys are super helpful and are always encouraging you to come and see them. I think particular members of staff are designated to schools of study as we as psychology students, are always encouraged to see Andrew. He’s a really lovely, genuine guy and has some great tips for work experience, interviews and cvs. I think for anyone considering UEA as a university they should definitely considered the help and guidance the university provides towards your career after uni. It’s something I really value about UEA! 


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