Gender Neutral Toilets!

So I was in the library all day at university, cracking on with the world’s hardest research report! 😰 it’s very peaceful and quiet in a Saturday and I had a lovely view over the lake!

On my way out, I stopped in the Hive to go for a quick wee as it can be a fairly long journey home! And I came across such a thing as gender neutral toilets! People have been telling me that they exist at UEA for some time but I have never seen them myself! It was a slightly bizarre experience walking in alongside a boy and knowing he was only a few cubicles away doing his own business! Even so, I think it’s a really great thing to do. University is about exploring who you are and being able to express yourself and I think this is one step towards making sure every individual feels comfortable and able to do that! 

Here they are!!! 



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