Yesterday I went to a new restaurant in Norwich that everyone is raving about…. Cosmos! 

It’s down near Jarrolds, hidden away but it’s absolutely huge as its above the building and I suspect takes up quite a lot of spaces. 

I was very very impressed. The staff as slightly strange and would try and take plates that weren’t finished or would then leave finished plates for ages. And one guy had these eyebrows that looked permanently surprised and suspicious. 

Even so, I really enjoyed the meal. It’s set out slightly bizarrely, with starters and ice cream/ desserts next to each other and then it’s like a windy road through all the types of food, like pasta, chinese, English, Italian, sushi! It’s all there and the variety is incredible! I had some chicken korma and some Chinese chicken. I had some mash and a Yorkshire pudding. All sorts! It all seems to be really good quality as well which is the main thing! 

The desserts are to die for! There is a chocolate foundation which uses the most gorgeous chocolate! And there was some delicious ice cream and a selection of cakes, such as brownies which did taste delicious in the chocolate!! 

I would definitely go back again, it’s definitely good value for what was on offer, as you can get bottomless drinks as well and all for less than £15!! 

Here is the link to their website: – but this will take you to their main restaurant page and you can use the find us tool to locate the Norwich information!

And there Facebook page:


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