So long Narrative Analysis, I do not wish you farewell!

So after what feels like the longessssst week of my life, I am finally bidding goodbye to my Narrative Analysis report as I submit it at midnight the day it is due! It has been one of the hardest assignments I have done in not just my university career but also in previous education.

I struggled to get my head around it the way I should structure it, which topics I should focus on, where to build my analysis and what perspective to take. This report has made me so stressed that my skin has broken out worse than ever before and more painfully than I have usually experienced! 

I’ve done everything I can on the project I am sure of that. I have gone over and over the report. I have compared it to the online resources we were given, the module guide, to notes made in classes and seminars and to recommendations And critique made on my previous assignments that suggests how I could improve. I am not expecting a brilliant grade as I feel that my confusion of the structure of the report may have come through in my writing and I am not fully confident that I have included all necessary aspects. I am hoping to do alright on it though, I have tried so hard that I will be so disappointed if I get a poor grade. We will just have to wait and see though! Both my dad and my boyfriend have looked through the report to point out errors and try to help me cut down words as I was struggling to get under the word limit! Bless them! Keep your fingers crossed for me guys!! 


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