Trying to diet and be a student 😰

So, having had what can only be described as a ‘fat’ year, maybe a little less, where I have pigged out on everything and anything… I’ve decided to go on a diet. I wouldn’t say I’m fat, but I’m bigger than I feel comfortable being and I feel like my system needs a thorough detox of crap! 

I’m still allowing myself the occasional treats, tomorrow I will be going to the Chinese buffet 🙈 but I’m learning to restrain myself from going mad on these treats and to be very good and healthy on every other day. 

I used to be really good with my eating and feel really confident about my body but I slipped into bad habits that fit in with the student lifestyle. 

I went out quite a lot over the summer and we all know that alcohol has lots of calories! I fully support this petition to display the calories of alcoholic drinks on the bottles! Although I fear I might never drink again once I’ve seen them 😳 

I tried out some new restaurants and I got a lot of fast food because it’s cheaper and easier. 

The main bug bear of student life versus healthy life = cost. 

Although I live at home, my mum still expects me to contribute towards the household bills, particularly if I am requesting food she wouldn’t usually buy. And healthy food is much more expensive. You could happily live off value biscuits and crisps and spend no more than £15 per week but you’d soon see all the calories pile on! 

When you eat out I also find that healthier options are more expensive as well. For instance at the Campus Kitchen in uni, a salad is £3.50, which doesn’t include a drink if you don’t have one with you. Upstairs in Blend, you can get a ginormous portion of curly fries for a £1! It’s crazy! And for instance if I’m in the city, and need a snack, it’s so much cheaper to get a calorific bite rather than something healthy. And usually it’s a lot easier to find unhealthy eats rather than healthier ones! 

I also find it hard to fit in a healthy lifestyle around uni, particular factoring in my work at my job and my uni work. I love to go to the gym but I’ve had to cut down to merely 3 times a week, which makes me feel like I am barely going at all. I also find that to make a healthy meal I often can’t fit in the time in between all my reading and assignments and preparation. My course is quite full on for reading! It’s much easier just to have something quick that you can shove in the oven but of course the calories begin to add up there to! The same concept applies when preparing my lunch for uni, it’s much easier to grab unhealthy snacks or to get a cheap option from the shop than to prepare a healthy low calorie alternative that will fill me up! 

Oh the struggles! Do others experience these problems? Does anyone have any good tips that would be helpful for me and others? 


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