The way we treat others

I’ve been feeling quite down the last couple of days, because I had a horrible day at work the other day. It was a Sunday and the weather was chilly but bright so I thought that this would be a metaphor for happy customers. The chilly part would have been more accurate. 

I had so many people shout at me and moan, all for the silliest things and so many of them were so rude. 

One customer made me feel worse than I’ve ever felt during my work. She asked me about a particular product but I didn’t know what she meant so I recommended one that I thought might be similar. She said no as it was a multipack. I then asked if it was another product we sell (she was sure it was a particular brand) as that was the only item I knew of that had multiple uses. Because this was still not the product she was looking for, she then proceeded to shout and scream at me. I “didn’t want to help her” “she knows I won’t help her” “I’m not listening” 

It went on and on and made me feel so small as she was so loud. I had tried to help her by suggesting the products I knew of. My next step would have been to look online but I didn’t have a chance for that. As she was shouting I tried to tell her that these were the only products we sell from that particular range, that I knew of. But she just kept interrupting and yelling. She asked for my name and indicating that she would be complaining, which has upset me the most as I don’t feel I did anything wrong and I genuinely was trying to help her. Unfortunately I really let it get to me, and I had to sit out the back for a little while as I was quite upset. 

My friends and colleagues have told me not to worry, that she probably won’t complain, that I handled the situation well and that I did nothing wrong. I told my manager who was in straight away and she said if anything comes of it she will defend me. It made me so sad though. People keep saying that the woman was having a bad day or that is how she thinks she can speak to people. That got me thinking, why is it that some people think it’s okay to talk down to others? 

That’s not the first time being in a ‘servers’ role has put me in the situation of being spoken to like a piece of crap. One time a woman actually stood there and clicked her fingers at me to call me over. 

I would never talk to someone in that manner, no matter how bad my day, or who they or I am. And I wouldn’t stand for the person I am with to behave that way either, unlike this woman’s husbands who stood and watched as she shouted. When I made eye contact with him he didn’t even bat an eyelid. What possesses people to act like this. Why do they think it’s ok? Has anyone else had similar experiences like this at all? Any advice on how to deal with sticky situations like these? 


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