Christmas is on its way!

I’m beginning to get super duper excited for Christmas! I’m so prepared with my Christmas shopping! I only have one more present for my boyfriend, my dad and my secret Santas to do! Everything else is already prepared!! 

It’s beginning to look festive everywhere as well! I was in Norwich today and there were a couple of pretty lights and a big Christmas tree, and the other day when I had cheerleading, UEA was displaying some twinkling fairy lights! 

It seems to have crept up on me a bit! I feel like we’ve gone from “oh Christmas is aaaaages away” to “its just round the corner and so close and need to prepare” without any time in the middle! Maybe it’s working in retail that brings this feeling on. We worked out the other day that a third of a retail year is dedicated to Christmas, from mid September to mid January! How bizarre is that! 

It’s all systems go now, I’ve got wrapping paper and ribbons, there’s secret Santas organising and Christmas meal planning! Won’t be long and the big day will be here! It’s my favourite time of year though so I can’t wait! One of my favourite things to do is to go and look round garden centre at all the beautiful Christmas decorations!! I can’t wait until I can sit and wrap my presents with a Christmas movie and some fluffy pyjamas! 

The best news ever is that they are predicting the possibility of a white Christmas this year! I heard this from a taxi driver! Actually 2!! Apparently something to do with the earths core and that this is meant to be the coldest winter in years which could mean a white Christmas! Personally I can think of nothing better!! Eeeek! 


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