The other day I went to see Spectre at the cinema and I thought I would do a little review as it was very good. 

Due to some very persuasive friends, I was encouraged to part with £20 of my money, so that we could see it in IMAX and indulge in the gallery. I am impressed. For about £12 more than a usual ticket you get unlimited soft drinks, nachos and popcorn and little samples of quality streets. It’s good value for money, the service of the staff is lovely and the food is yummy. My only query though is whether I would actually want or consume all that food if I hadn’t invested so much in the evening and therefore whether the extra £12 is worth it! 

The film is very long but the storyline is good enough that you don’t overly notice the length. It’s got ups and downs without being repetitive and involves a lot of changes of scenery and characters which breaks it up nicely. 

I know James Bond always develops a love interest but I felt that the connection in this film was really well portrayed and it was eluded that this was a more permanent romance than we have seen before. 

The action of the film was really good (and really enhanced by the IMAX cinema – it was like being in one of those 3D rides, I could feel in under my seat!) and the cinematics are amazing. You can half convince yourself that you’ll see this demolishion of well known landmarks and cities in the news it looks so real! The gadgets he uses are pretty cool as well – my favourite is the fast car he has, that he waste fully dunks in a sewage river! There were a couple of too gruesome bits for me – I am quite squeamish. I won’t spoil it but they involve a mans’ eyes and then later on a surgical needle! 

I think Daniel Craig makes an excellent James Bond. He portrays the character really well and has that sex appeal that is necessary without being too preened. He really sells the character well and I think he should definitely return for a fifth film! 

I think the storyline in this film is really good, possibly better than Skyfall as its more fast paced and follows a slightly different track. The ending is very good and the explosive beginning really grips you in straight away. I like the supporting characters as well, I feel they really complement the performance. 

Overall definitely one for the DVD cabinet and I can’t recommend enough going to see it! IMAX is probably a good shout but I whether or not you go for the gallery I would say depends on just how much you like nachos and popcorn! 


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