I’m so overwhelmed and upset by the awful events that have occurred in Paris this week. And across many other countries, all supposedly acts in the name of God.

I don’t pretend to know lots about the situations that are going on, as I don’t regularly follow the news and I’m not overly knowledgable about things like current affairs but I do know that the cruel acts carried out are not fair or just. No one deserves to suffer like those people have, and though I know little about the religion of Islam I cannot imagine that any God would condemn the acts of terror that have been carried out. 

I was incredibly sad today to hear of the death of a Police Service Dog as they carried out a raid in Paris. It hurts me to think that an animal is another to suffer at the hands of these people. As if the massacre last week was not enough. I cannot phantom the mindset of these individuals.

I was proud of UEA for holding a minute’s silence in the square on Monday to commemorate the victims of Friday night’s attack. And I hope work is done by every individual now to work towards a future where acts like these don’t happen 


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