Sigmund Freud

I am in the middle of writing a report on Sigmund Freud, possibly the most controversial figure in all of Psychological History. 

The essay is designed to evaluate his contributions and I find myself learning so much about his character as well as his work. My stance on the essay currently sits at… 

His contributions still being valid even today in current society, but his original methods and hypotheses needing to be tweaked as they were not empirical and his dubious research methods did not lend credibility to his studies.

It cannot be denied that he is an interesting individual! And the most interesting thing I have found out is that due to suffering from cancer in his nose and a use of cocaine to subdue the horrible symptoms, he suffered a dramatic personality change that took place around the time his theories became more outspoken. He also encountered numerous disputes with other psychologists due to his fascination with sex and childhood abuse, and many believe that his theories were used to explain himself more than anyone else!

I cannot recommend to anyone enough to go out and learn more about Freud, as even if you disagree with his methods, the he as a subject is undeniably interesting! I’m currently reading an evaluative book on him as my bath time reading! 


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