The Hunger Games

So on Friday night I took my little sister to the cinema as she was keen to see the new Hunger Games film. 

I have watched the other films and seen the book so I had enough idea what was happening even if I wasn’t totally engaged with the storyline. 

Overall I thought the film was good. The graphics are amazing and I think the actors portray their characters well. However I did think the storyline could have been worked on a bit more. Obviously not every scene in the book can be included within a film but I feel like more should have been included to ensure that even viewers that had not read the book were clued in on what was happening. There was a few times that I got lost! I feel like in the time they had however they did really well, as the film was already really long and split in two and I feel like any longer would have been too much. 

I thought the way the film was presented was really good and I loved some of the costumes used. The storyline enables the costume directors to really go all out and they certainly impressed with this film. The graphics for things like the ‘pods’ were great and definitely good enough to scare me! 

I’d recommend going to see the film but I would also say you will enjoy it most if you are aware of the storyline as there is the option to get lost a few times throughout! 


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