Malteasers McFlurry

The current McDonald’s promotional McFlurry (at least it was the last time I went in) is a Malteasers one! 

Malteasers are my absolute favouriteeeeee chocolate! I love the crunchy bite as you go through the chocolate and the biscuit! In their McFlurry McDonald’s have also added a chocolate or fudge sauce as well. May I see it is just delicious! 

My go to McFlurry is always the smarties one as that way you get a bit of chocolate mixed in with different flavours from the smarties. Someone told me the other day that these have been dropped from the menu! I hope this isn’t true, anyone got the goss? It’s always a good buy because with a valid student card you can get one free with any medium sized meal! 

If it is true I would really like them to replace it with the Malteasers McFlurry cos that one is yum yum yum! Everyone go and buy one before they change to something new. Something new and no doubt festive! I will be sad to see Malteasers go but I wonder what will be next! 


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