Christmas Shopping Complete!

Look at me, all organised this year!! I’ve completed all my Christmas shopping! The only things I have left to buy are helping my mum choose a present for my boyfriend, George, although he’s being awkward and can’t think of any ideas! And I also need to exchange one thing for my friend as I picked up the wrong one! It’s from work though so that should be easy enough! I’m so pleased to be done! There’s nothing worse than having to worry about rushing in to get things and what I will get if I can’t find anything! I would much rather be prepared early! 

I can’t wait to start wrapping either!! I like to sit down with all my presents ready to wrap up and stick on a Christmas film! It makes me feel super Christmassy and excited and prepared for the big day! I make the same mistake every year… I buy loads of wrapping paper in my staff discount and in the Christmas sales, in preparation for the following year. When it then gets to the following year I have always completely forgotten that and therefore buy more wrapping paper 🙈 I’ve got almost as much at home at a card shop now!!

 My mum is busy getting prepared for Christmas as it will be at our house again this year (that caused a slight family argument but what can you do!) I am personally very much looking forward to the gammon! I’ve become obsessed with gammon at the moment and I definitely can’t wait to dig into that on Christmas Day! I’ve got my advent calendar all sorted for next week… A Malteasers one… My favourite as you know! I think I will be super cheeky and have a second one at my boyfriends house as well… Milky bar!! 


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