Black Friday and Cyber Monday

So apparently this is a thing now… Would be heard to say it’s not with all the major promotions and advertising going on everywhere you look. 

I have vague memories of it going on last year but no real involvement of it. I guess that’s because I didn’t do that much shopping last year as I as getting used to having a student budget, and I wasn’t working on the days. 

The year before however I was working both days and I literally remember nothing about it?! Was it only popularised last year? I know it’s a big thing, like seriously big, in America! Has it always been that way here? Am I oblivious? Or did it just hit us by surprise? 

Has anyone managed to find any decent bargains? I got some good clothes deals, but I can’t confidently say that the things I bought were being stocked at full price anyway! I did get 25% off some make up from House of Fraser.. It was 15% off and House of Fraser offer 10% student discount, so I guess I did well there! I also got a watch for my boyfriend for Christmas at half price! And we got 10% off a watch for our friend for her birthday present. Listing it now I actually did get quite a few deals I guess 😂 I think I was just expecting something bigger and better! 

I’m really interested in getting a GoPro… I have been looking at used ones online on EBay, as I accept that I probably won’t use it enough to warrant paying a few hundred pounds, however I saw one in the Argos sale for half price and it’s brand new and includes all the equipment! I did think that was a good deal, I hinted to my boyfriend and family but I don’t think they picked up the hint and even at half price it is still too expensive to think of buying it for myself right now! Maybe in a few months! 

What I was really hoping for was for Beats headphones to go on offer! I’m really interested in getting the wireless ones, as I can’t listen to music in the gym as I get too hot wearing my hoodie and will take it off and I don’t have any pockets to put my phone in. With the wireless ones, I could put my phone down and still listen, sounds perfect! They are about £269 and I have seen some at £229 and £214 but that still seems like so much to pay so I am unsure! 

Another thing I’ve been looking at in the sales is iPhone 6S! My sister is really keen to have an iPhone and bless her she is only 13 so has no income other than her pocket money! She wants to get my current phone, an iPhone 6 as a Christmas present, but before me and my parents agree to that I need to work out if I can afford the contract of a new phone. We have been looking at all the options and are struggling to decide what to do! Anyone have any advice on that one? 


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