Holidays are coming..

So today (it’s very late now, but I haven’t yet been to sleep so I’m still counting in as today) marks the countdown of three weeks until Christmas! How crazy fast that has gone! I have officially done all my Christmas present shopping!!! I’ve gone waaaay over budget with literally everyone I’ve bought presents for but I love Christmas so much that I really don’t care!! 

I’ve even begin to do some wrapping! In fact I think I might have done half of my wrapping!! How prepared am i! I will be needing to take in all my secret Santa gifts this week though so it was necessary really! I’ve got such a few busy weeks coming up, hopefully it will go really fast and it will be Christmas before we know it! 

We’re putting all our Christmas decorations up tomorrow, I can’t wait! My sister will go all out inside and we have a few lights outside. What I really love is those houses that go completely overheard and look like a grotto! When I’m older I think I might do that! When I was younger, in the village where my cousins lived there would be this one house, the whole house and garden done out in lights and figures that moved and things. They had gates so you couldn’t go inside, but they had a box and every time you put money in, the sequence of lights and dancing figures and singing would go off. At the end of the Christmas period when they took the lights down they donated all the money to charity, which I think is lovely. We used to stop and watch the lights every time we went to see my family. Last year there was a couple of lovely done up houses where my friend lives, so if she sees them I’ll ask her to send me a picture so I can show you all! At the top of my village there is usually one house that gets all done up and it looks lovely. I read about the couple that do it in the paper last year and apparently they are quite old, so I have been wondering whether they shall this year as it must take a lot of work to set it all up and maintain it! I always used to be really disappointed when I came home from my late shift at work as they turn the lights off overnight and must go to bed before I make it home! Again, if they do it this year I shall try and grab a picture!! 

I think it must be lovely to be in a student house at this time of the year! I can’t imagine how fun it must be to be in control of all the decorations!! I can’t wait till I’m older and I can go on a whole day Christmas decoration shopping!!! 


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