Activities for all in Norwich

Norwich is becoming well known for many things… 

The football club, chapelfield shopping centre, the train station, Norwich Castle, we are probably having an ice skating rink again this year… All sorts! But someone said to me the other day that Norwich isn’t well known for a big night out. Now in comparison to somewhere like London or Essex, no we probably can’t hope to compete, but Norwich still has all sorts of things to offer, and for a variety of tastes. 

Riverside entertainment complex has numerous facilitates for a good night..

  • There’s the cinema, which is really big and has around 20 screens I believe (sorry if I’m really wrong!!!) and if you really want to make a big night of it you can choose the go in the gallery where you get unlimited popcorn, nachos, soft drinks!! 
  • There is numerous restaurants here, such as Bella Italia, Nandos, Coast to Coast, a Chinese buffet and Chiquito, so definitely something to cater to everybodies tastes! 
  • There is the bowling alley, which offers good bowling deals, or you can go in the amusement area, which is always fun. Or you can catch a drink with friends in their bar! 

Not too far from uni, about a ten minute drive, and only £6 in a taxi from the Earlham area, is the Namco establishment

  • This is also a bowling alley, the prices here are much cheaper than Hollywood bowl although admittedly Hollywood bowl is slightly more modern. You can get really good deals here, such as 3 games for £6 after 9pm, or a drink and 2 games for £9.95 on a Friday night. 
  • They also have a small restaurant/cafe that does typical food such as chips, chicken nuggets and pizza
  • There is a bar area that plays all the sport and sells a good variety of drinks
  • And also a small arcade 
  • Right next door there is also one branch of Castle Carveries!!! I love this place! It is called the Clocktower, it is soooo delicious, I cannot recommend it enough!!

Out towards Catton, about a 15 minute drive and maybe £10 in a taxi is the Funky Monkeys roller skating rink! 

  • This is super fun as the rink is really big, they play music, games and there’s people to help if you get stuck
  • It’s £5.95 normally plus a couple of pounds to hire skates, although they do offers of cheaper skating on certain nights and times, and designate times especially for student deals such as a Thursday night 7-11
  • There’s free car parking and a cafe! 
  • There’s also plenty of pubs, restaurants and fast food joints around to make a whole night out of it!

On Whiffler Road which is even closer to UEA, there is also now a trampoline park!

  • It’s a big area where literally the whole floor and some of the surrounding walls are trampolines! 
  • And they’ve got things like basketball nets as well so you can have fun games
  • I believe it’s right by the big Asda superstore, so easy to get to, and plenty in the area to do
  • I’m going next week so will post pictures of how good it is
  • They also run other classes on the trampolines such as dodgeball, fitness and kids classes
  • It’s £10 for a hour slot, although you have to for some particular socks as well

These are just a few ideas and are mostly places that I am familiar with and go to, so they won’t be to everybody’s tastes!! 


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