Meal prep

I’m trying to be much more healthy now. I have been trying to cut down on what I eat and eat more healthily for a while. And I’m very good, I do a fair amount of exercise. I want to be more prepared though. 

I always see people posting on Instagram and things about their ‘meal prep’

They make food at the start of the week, keep it in the fridge or freezer and eat it throughout the week. It always looks like super healthy food, like it looks like they have 3 or 4 portions of veg and lean meats and cous cous and things like that in. At least that’s what it looks like. They never post recipes and I’m finding it difficult to find actually guidance online, rather than people just telling you about how good it is! 

It’s also hard finding the time. I have so much work to do, that sometimes a whole day can rush past without me realising. I appreciate I’m lucky in that my mum cooks for me most nights so I don’t have to think about that, but I do all my own cleaning and sort my meals out for uni and work and things. I also have to factor in working and getting to and from work and uni in my schedule and sometimes that can take two hours out of my day if I’m going to and from in rush hour! 

Does anyone have any advice on meal prep that’s quick, simple and easy! Tasty meals that aren’t complicated! Or expensive! If I’m adding all sorts of food on the shopping list my rent is going to skyrocket!!! 😂


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