End of the year

So the end of the year approaches! Anyone got their New Years resolutions ready yet? Mine is just the same generic one I’ve had every year haha, to eat healthily, exercise more, drink more water! We shall see if next year is the year I keep it! 

The end of the first semester hasn’t been much fun to be honest! I should be getting in the Christmas spirit but I’m spending all day every day sat at my kitchen table doing work! One deadline has been and gone, and now all my others are in the new year. However most of them are due in straight as I come back for the term so it’s pretty much four solid weeks of work! 

On a happier note I am going to London on Sunday! I am very excited as I love London, especially at Christmas time!! I shall posts pictures again, just as I did last year! I might be doing some of the same things as I did last year.. But this year I will be doing a few other interesting bits as well! I’ll be swimming in the Olympic swimming pool, going on the London eye, going round the Tower of London…. Anddddd going to Harry Potter studios! Which I am super duper excited about!!!! I can’t wait!!! I shall let you know how it is, apparently it will be decked out in snow ready for Christmas so that is going to be amazing!!


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