Christmas is over

I am soooo sad now that Christmas is over! I have had the best couple of weeks! 

I went to London with my family and my boyfriend and had a great time! We looked round the Tower of London, went on the London eye, did Harrods and Selfridges, Oxford Street and Westfield and I had my eyebrows tinted! It was so much fun and just what I needed to destress from the busy work period!

I also went to the Warner Bros Harry Potter studios! I shall post seperately about that as it deserves its own post it is so good! 

I had to work Christmas Eve but it wasn’t too bad, as it was super busy! It went slow though! I lost count of the amount of men who were JUST STARTING their Christmas shopping!! How is that even possible! Some got so annoyed at us because we didn’t have what they wanted in stock, but surely they should have prepared earlier?! 

Christmas Day was absolutely lovely! I got so many wonderful presents from my lovely family and friends, and George did super well and got me some amazing presents! 

I had a great time with my family and the food was delicious! We laughed and joked and talked as we don’t often see each other! We played a game called Alias, where you have to describe a word without using the word, I won😉

I got some great bargains in the Boxing Day sales as well! Especially from new look and JD! Still looking for that super cheap pair of Beats Wireless Headphones though 🙄 

I’ve spent the last few days visiting other family members and friends and seeing Georges’ relatives, so it’s been a busy few days! I’m sad now though as it means Christmas is officially over. No more meals, no more Christmas games and no more presents. All that hype and excitement and it so quickly over. Makes me sad!! Never mind though, we’ve got New Years Eve and then our New Years resolutions to look forward to!!


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