Another year over…

So here it is! The 4th of January, the beginning week of 2016! That feels very weird to say! I hadn’t fully got used to being in 2015! 

2015 brought me some good times! I went on a lovely amazing holiday with my family to America, something I am so happy I did and will stay with me as some of the best memories ever! I also went on a lovely holiday with my boyfriend to Tenerife, which was wonderful, and I went on a 2 night break with two of my close work friends to Amsterdam, which is something I would like to repeat this year! 

It was also my 21st birthday and I was spoilt rotten and had an amazing time with my family and friends celebrating. Over this year I’ve had some lovely experiences, I’ve grown closer to some friends, made some new ones that I hope will be lifelong and learnt more about myself and others in the process.

2015 hasn’t been all good. These new friends have sometimes come into my life because old ones have left, and I’ve had to once again had to learn that the people you love and would do anything for, might not necessarily do the same for you. It’s a hard lesson to learn but it’s usually for the best. 

I’ve also struggled to overcome difficulties at my workplace, as it’s not always an enjoyable experience and it can get me very down. I missed out on an opportunity to work at a place I am more comfortable and a job that I was offered that would have been amazing fun, I was unable to take because it would not have been suitable around uni.

I passed my first year at uni with a very good mark, a high 2:1, which I think we can all agree is something to be happy and proud of, but it’s not been without its struggles. I’ve really struggled with several pieces of coursework and have seen myself in tears many times as I try to complete something that feels impossible. I feared at one point in the first year that my marks would be so poor I would fail. 

This new academic year has been especially tough. The workload demand has seen a drastic dip in my social life and  to some extents my happiness, along with my relationships and friendships as the demands of uni take over every aspect of my life. Even so, I tell myself that it will all be worth it in the end.

I have high hopes for 2016, completing the second year of uni, going on many more holidays and making more memories, with my lovely friends and family. My New Years resolution is to be more healthy, more fit and more organised…. We shall see!! 


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