January sniffles

Anyone else having trouble getting rid of their sniffles at the moment? It just seems to be in the air! I think it’s all the hype after Christmas, we’ve prepared and stressed and planned so much that the minute we take a breath and stop, the germs begin to attack! 

I’m not usually one for sick days as they make me feel worse but I’ve had a day off work and a day off uni in the last week alone! I can’t seem to shake off the cold, the achy muscles and the dizziness! I’m powering through though as it’s still the middle of deadlines and I’ve got lots to do!! 

Does anyone have any advice that we can share for beating those January colds and coughs? 


One thought on “January sniffles

  1. Juice of half a lemon + a teaspoon or so of honey + hot water. It works every time. Also, you can grind up and dissolve ibuprofen, if you require. Hope you feel better soon!


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