I haven’t watched Eastenders in ages, but I usually give it a go every Christmas for the big impressive storyline. It’s been so good this year that I’ve carried on watching it. 

I’m finding the storyline regarding Stacey Branning really gripping at the moment. I think Lacey Turner plays the part so well, and it must be so difficult for her to do. 

I won’t pretend to know lots about the disorder but I think Eastenders have done really well in the way they have portrayed it, and it’s really gripping and heart breaking watching it on screen, to see how hard it must be for everyone. 

Mental Health receives such a stigma in society and I think it’s brilliant for Eastenders to take a stand against that. 

I can’t imagine the background that must have gone into her playing this role, and I think it’s so good of Eastenders to bring a disorder so damaging to the forefront of public attention.  


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