It’s all over!

Finally finally finally! Today marks the day that the last of my assignments is handed in! 

Well for two weeks anyway! I do have a lot  left to do over the course of the year, the next one in two weeks time, but oh how lovely it will be to have one assignment to do in two weeks rather than four!! 

I’m not happy with how my assignments went, I drafted one completely wrong which meant I had to start again when I realised, which really mucked up my timing. Never mind though, I have made the best I could in the limited timeframe and hopefully I will done ok. Even in such short time I have spent hours on them, I didn’t leave the library till after 1am last night!! It’s strangely eerie at that time haha! 

I’m in all of a muddle now, as its two weeks into the term and I’ve been so busy with assignments I haven’t had a chance to do any of my work, which is annoying. I allowed myself the evening off to relax and chill after what has been a horribly stressful few weeks. Tomorrow I’m catching up on some me time, having my hair done and my eyebrows as well, with maybe an hour or so of retail therapy in the gap between. I’m also going for a meal with my boyfriend, as this last couple of weeks has been just as stressful for him as it has been for me bless him. It can’t be easy watching me tear my hair out and fret so much. 

The moral of my story… Uni isn’t all fun and games. Whilst it has a vast array of social experiences and opportunities, it must also be acknowledged that there will be times when you are at an incredibly stressful period with deadlines and expectations. This is very hard and stressful but it’s all about learning to manage. 


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