Third year!

So I’m now over half way through my uni degree and also over halfway through my second year at uni. It’s all getting very serious now. We keep receiving emails about our third year projects. 

Next week they are putting on lunchtime sessions (free pizza though!!) about the different subject areas you can choose to complete your third year project in. There’s cognition, language, developmental and social. 

I am thinking I will look at social and then if I can’t get into that one then developmental. I’m really keen to stay away from the other two as they are my weaker areas, and they also do not relate to what I am looking to do outside of uni. 

Now the week following next comes the big decision. On the Monday, which is in Reading Week at midday (very kind of them to do it at such a student convenient time) we have to apply for our groups. It’s first come first serve and obviously the amount of places in the category depends on how many researchers there are. Social has quite a few so fingers crossed!! 

After we have confirmed which category we are in – I hope it happens that day, we can beginning contacting researchers. Now this is where it gets a bit tricky. There is quantitative reseadchers (which the majority are) and then qualitative researchers, of which there is only 4. 

I absolutely hate quantitative, i can’t wrap my head round it at all, it just isn’t my sort of thing. Statistics 😭. So I’m really really really hoping I can get a qualitative researcher so that I can do something I am more comfortable with! 

Keep your fingers crossed for me and I’ll keep you posted! 


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