Jury Service


I’ve been called up for Jury Service! I can imagine it would actually be quite exciting and interesting at another time, but they’ve called me up right at the end of the academic year. 

It says jury service is supposed to last two weeks, and those two weeks will be the last two weeks of term, the first week of which we will have new material in lectures and the last week of which I would then miss all of the revision.

The second week also contains two deadlines for some of the last pieces of coursework for the year.

In short, I AM FREAKING OUT. I can’t possibly do it and I’m really worried.

I’m going to ring up tomorrow and try to sort either deferring or an excusal but I can’t sleep worrying that they won’t let me! There’s no way I can pass uni by spending the two weeks before exams in a courtroom. 

Have any other students experienced this before? Does anyone have any advice on what to do? 


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