So year 2 is drawing to a close, although it still feels like I’ve got so much to do!

Yesterday I received some good news, I will be working with Dr Neil Cooper next year as my third year project supervisor! 

I’m really pleased as he is such a good lecturer and he is really engaged and active with students! 

He is also the professor I will be working with over the summer during my internship, so I hope that will really work in my favour when writing the dissertation.

I am looking to do my project on relationships at university. Specifically, looking into how/what motivates people in long-term relationships decide to either go the same university, go to different universities or function and maintain their relationships when one partner is at university and the other out at work.

This is something that is particularly of interest to me, for I originally applied to UEA as my boyfriend studied there, and by the time I actually went my new (now current) boyfriend worked rather than studying, 

I think it will be super interesting to look at the dynamics and differences across relationships in these settings. 

I actually can’t wait to get started, I almost wish that we were doing it this year, not next! 

Some people haven’t been as lucky as me with their supervisor positions. It’s been a system that hasn’t worked out for everyone and I do feel sorry for those that haven’t got a supervisor that fits in with their aspirations for a third year project. 

I’m keeping my fingers crossed that things will sort themselves out for them, although I wish there was something I could do to help.


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