Third Year Modules

So alongside my dissertation choice, now comes the time to look at third year modules as well. 

We had a talk on them last week by our head of year, and then right after that some current third year students gave some personal accounts of each of the modules, which was really helpful as they told us stuff that lecturers wouldn’t necessarily jump up and share. 

The module enrolment opened today and lasts until 13th April and luckily I don’t think it is on a first come first serve basis as I haven’t quite made up my mind yet. 

You take two per semester and it is set in stone which ones are in which semester. 

I am set on semester 2: the science of relationships and psychology of mental health. Mental health as i am interested in Clinical psychology, and the science of relationships because not only does it look interesting, but also because it will hopefully relate to my third year project which is going to look at the difference dynamics of relationships in university students. 

Semester 1 is causing me some issues though. I am set on forensic psychology as this has always been something I am interesting in! However I am torn between two. I like the idea of Psychosocial perspectives on family life, as it looks so interesting, and I love the module leader as I think she is brilliant. However, it doesn’t necessarily relate to my third year project and I’m not sure how well I am going to get on with assignment. Alternatively I could choose Social Cognition and Social Identity. I’m not sure I will find this as interesting, however it may help with my third year project, and the assignment for it is something I am already familiar with and feel confident in. 

I’m not sure what decision to make so far, so I have emailed my advisor and asked to see him, to see if he can offer any advice! 


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