How to Avoid Procrastination

So.. the Easter Holidays are upon us which means it is time for some serious knuckle down revision.

The only problem… I’m a No1 procrastinator. I set out with such a plan to get on, be productive.. and it just never turns out.

I’m assuming I’m not the only one who struggles with this, so here are a few of my Top Tips for How to Avoid Procrastination that may benefits those with lots of work, from GCSEs and A Levels and PostGraduate Degrees!

  1. GO TO THE LIBRARY. This one works really well for me. I still find myself putting things off, but if I’m in the quiet section of the library on my own, there’s only so long I can distract myself with my phone or looking up things on the internet before I get bored of that as well.
  2. Hide away all of your electronic devices. Set yourself limits. If you’ve worked for 30/45 minutes, then you can reward yourself with a little glance on your phone. I overheard some wise words the other day.. “If you are trying to revise and text at the same time, then you’re only giving half your attention, and half your possible ability to both of these things.” This is so true, by trying to text at the same time as revising, you’re not concentrating on either of them!
  3. Listen to music through your headphones. This may seem strange as it could make you more distracted, but I find for me that when I’m working (especially at uni) listening to music really helps me get in the zone. I find this even more so if I listen to the radio, usually Kiss. I think thats because I don’t choose the music, so instead of focusing on it, it is something enjoyable in the background.
  4. Get up earlier. I’m a bit of a late to bed, late up person. So when I procrastinate after getting up at half 10, it can be gone 12 before I even get on with my work. Whereas if I get up at 9, my faffing around still means I get started on work and properly into it by 11ish, meaning I can get so much more done!
  5. Do give yourself  a little bit of time off each day. Watch Eastenders or Corrie, listening to your music for a little while (properly, not as a background), have some time off for a quick workout, or even a little walk. Allowing yourself something of enjoyment means you are more likely to get on with your work. You won’t feel so deprived this way!

Hope this helps anyone out there who’s a procrastinator like me! x


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