Dean of Students

So the Dean of Students at UEA is really helpful and I wanted to make their services well known as I think they are a real asset to the school and for any UEA students. I’m going to outline a couple of the services that have benefitted me so far at uni.

They offer one to one tutorial services with members of their Learning Enhancement Team. Firstly students can attend drop in sessions that last about 15-20 minutes (they say 10 but everyone I saw ran over) where you discuss things that you are struggling with and need advice on. They then book you in for an hour long tutorial where they can give you personal tuition on things of your choice. For instance, in my session we went over some past work that I needed help understanding where I had gone wrong on. They also allow you to book future sessions, particularly around times when you have assignments due in, which I think is super helpful. 

They also run study skill workshops. I haven’t been to any yet but I am looking to go a revision skills and an exam techniques workshop. I’ve been adviced that they give detailed indication of how to prepare for exams, how to condense your notes, colour code topics for better recollection, learn to write essays under exam conditions. These are things I really struggle with, so I think targeted workshops helping students with these are extremely useful! 

So far these are the only two services I have benefitted from.

However they also help students with: 

Mental Health Issues, Budgeting, I some situations this can involve advice on how to manage money but at other times it may involve help in getting additional funding for those in need. They also offer specialist service for International Students such as how to apply for working visas or visits from family. 

The Dean of Students workers are all really helpful and friendly and I can’t advocate enough how much of an asset they are to UEA


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