Revision tips!

What with it being not so far from exams now (I’m refusing to think about actual times because then I go from productive mode to panic mode) I’m in the midst of revision and assignment writing. 

I usually struggle with revision – I end up writing stuff out again and again. This is timely and it doesn’t always help. Sometimes it works as you learn things just through sheer repition, but it won’t necessarily help you understand something you aren’t sure on. This year I’ve been taking advice for revision wherever I can get it! Online, books, the tv, the news, I’m doing whatever I can! I’m compiled a list of some helpful ideas that others might find useful if they struggle with revision like me! 

  • Colour code! Get some snazzy flashcards, posters, post it notes or just paper in different colours. Having your revision set out in seperate colours immediately gives you something to remember it by
  • Use post it notes! I think I have spent £15 on post it notes this week… Excessive I know but I needed to buy different colours for my different subjects 😂 put key phrases, facts, definitions, studies on them! Even if you don’t remember them straight away you will be reminded to look and hopefully that will trigger in your brain for next time you see it! And then every time after that! It helps if you put them up everywhere – then it’s kind of like revision even when you aren’t trying!
  • try different tactics – don’t write notes all day everyday. Your brain will lose focus and stop taking things in – try mind maps, tables, bullet points, spider diagrams, presentations! Anything! 
  • If you do an essay subject – write essays! You will be learning and revising whilst you write as you will be referring to the material from your revision! It will also help you get better at writing which will boost your marks in the exam – particularly if you do your essays under timed conditions! 
  • Get your family and friends to test you- this will feel slightly more relaxed and feel a bit like a break. I often shy away from this because I’m scared I don’t know anything and then I will just be more panicked! However I’m going to try it this year with the view that maybe it will help me remember things I don’t know, as I will have the memory of discussing the right answer! 

I hope these are helpful! If anyone has any other tips I would be super grateful for them so please feel free to comment! 


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