Effective Destressing!

So.. I am a majorly stressy person. The littlest things have the tendency to make my really stressed and panicky. I can imagine that others are feeling the same what with exam time just around the corner! So I’ve compiled a couple of tips on how to effective destress during those super stressful periods! 

1. Hot baths. I don’t care what anyone says, these work wonders. It relaxes your muscles which immediately makes you less tense, and gives you a little moment of peace to clear your head. 

2. Exercise. I love exercise, it makes me feel good about myself, healthier and most of all it gives me an escape from the worry and tension of everyday lives. 

3. Yoga. Kind of an expansion from the previous point, but worth its own mention. Yoga targets not only the body but the mind. It’s a perfect way of destressing with a workout and learning new techniques to strengthen your mind against stress. Most leisure centres and fitness parks offer Yoga classes, and at a variety of times throughout the day. A quick Google search on Yoga with your local area should return numerous results! 

4. Going for a walk. (I apologise for the increasingly exercise based part of this post haha). This doesn’t have to be as part of some new fitness regime, it can literally just be a way of clearing the head. Going for a walk anywhere, be it countryside, round the block or through the city gives you a chance to get out of the house, clear your head, and observe the goings on of other people’s lives. Taking that moment to engage in others around you detracts from the worry and stress that is in your own head. You may find when you come back from your walk that you feel better equipped to handle any problems you have, with a fresh perspective!

5. Animals. Animals are an excellent way to destress although I would suggest sticking to the fluffy, small and cute variety rather than a spontaneous attempt to hug a pidgeon or an equally unfriendly animal. I always find that when I’m stressed, giving my dog a hug always makes me feel better and calmer. Must be something about the fluffy coat. 

6. Talk to others. This may seem to some to be rude or burdensome, but for people who love you and care about you, they would rather you spoke to them about things that are causing you distress rather than bottling it all up, a technique which only ever makes things worse. Find the time to sit down with someone you love and talk over the things that are bothering you. You may find that once it’s out there rather than going round and round in your head, the things stressing you out seem much more manageable. 

As a follow up from this last point, it is important to understand that there are professionals out there that you can talk to if your stress is becoming so intense you feel it is affecting other aspects of your life such as your functioning. For those out at work there may be services provided through your employers, or it may involve talking to a healthcare professional. For those at uni, most universities will offer a counselling and guidance service for students. At UEA this is located within the Dean of Students Services.

I hope this offers some help to people out there that are stress heads like me!!


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