End of an era

Hi Guys, 

This post doesn’t fully relate to my life as a student but I feel the need to talk about it anyhow.

Today I left my job at Boots, a job which I have had since I was 18. It was working here that made me realise I really wanted to go to uni, and the people there that encouraged me to go, and showed me that I would manage and I would be ok. 

I made some amazing friends at Boots, some of whom have already left but I still love, and I also met my boyfriend through Boots. 

In some ways I’ll be sad not to be there anymore as its been a large part of my working life, however I know it’s for the best. I don’t feel I have a place there anymore and it’s time for new things. 

I will now be working as a receptionist at Wymondham Leisure Centre. I’m super looking forward to it. It was my first job working casually as a receptionist there and although I haven’t had a set shift in years, I technically never left. 

It’s much better pay and my new hours suit my uni schedule much more (although I start work one day at 6.30AM! AM! I didn’t think students were allowed to see that time!)

It means I’ll have more time for uni work, which is something I’ve struggled with this year, balancing a busy uni schedule, all my coursework and reading, as well as my job so it will be nice to have slightly less pressure there. 

It will also involve me spending less on petrol (always a relief) and travelling less as it is closer to me. 

Does anyone else out there struggle to balance uni work with work work? It’s something that’s really got on top of me this year, and any advice anyone can give is greatly appreciated! 



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