I can’t believe a year has gone by already, it barely feels like weeks ago that I was sitting in the introductory lectures for the course. 

I won’t lie and say this has been the best year, it’s been tough. There’s been tears and tantrums and things haven’t always gone as well as I could have hoped. Nevertheless, it’s over now and whatever happens with my grades I can look back and say I did the very best that I could. 

I’m very excited for summer, I’ve got lots of exciting stuff planned! I’m going to Oxford this Sunday, and London the next! I got an amazing deal for my London trip! I’m getting the megabus from UEA, and it’s cost me £8, which includes a booking fee! And it will only cost me £1 to park at UEA for the entire day! It’s definitely something UEA students looking for a day out should look into!

I’ve got my internship and I’m going to look at some work experience so that’s good, and I hopefully have a couple of holidays to look forward to! I’ve very glad this year is over, but time to move forward and I am looking forward to next year, doing modules I have chosen and a dissertation that interests me!


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