I passed second year!

Hi Guys, hope you’re all enjoying the summer!

The last couple of weeks I’ve been waiting on eggshells the whole time, wondering when that dreaded email with my results would come through. You all know the feeling, that tight nervousness in your stomach and the jolt every time you get a new email and before you register who it is from! 

Well it finally came, and to be honest it could not come at a worse time! Having assumed it would arrive in the morning, I felt safe going into work at 4pm, knowing another day had gone by that I would not hear the news… Unfortunately not! 5.40pm and up pops an email, although at least it had good news; ‘successful completion of academic year’ was the title. 

I opened my results in the toilet as I was so scared about what they were going to be! I told my colleague and she was really understanding and kind and let me rush off!

Thankfully, everything was good news. Not only did I pass but I did well in my exams, and got a first in all of them! I’ve come out on 68% overall, which puts me in such a good position for next year, which I’m superrrrrr pleased about! And the relief is amazing, almost as good as when I finished exams! Not having to constantly worry anymore has left me knowing I can truly get on with my summer! Woohoo! 

I know that GCSE and A Level results days aren’t for a while, but I think the best thing you can do before then, is to assure yourself that you have done your best and you can do no more from now. I struggled this year as there was no specific time at which the Results would come out.. Just a vague “end of June or in July”, which meant I worried I would find out everyday. For you guys, the date is set and you know it.. So my advice would be to have as much fun as you can before then, putting it out of your mind. Let yourself worry about it the night before and no earlier! And just remember.. You’ve probably done amazing!! 


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