Yesterday, me and my friends went to a lovely little pub called the Kings Head. It’s in Bawburgh and is literally sat on a lovely little river which has ducks and the occasionally swan. 

The pub itself is reasonably small inside as they serve food and have dedicated a lot of space to tables. However they have lots of outdoor space and if you want to sit by the river they are fine with that as long as all glasses are plastic. The drinks were reasonably priced. Not really cheap but definitely affordable, and the sizes you get for your money in terms of food is incredibly! My friend got a Ham, Egg and Chips because he just wanted something light.. It came out on this ginormous plate overflowing, and the chips were handmade! 

The location is amazing, definitely proved by the sheer volume of people having picnics and drinks by the river on such a sunny afternoon! It was picture perfect.. I just wish I had taken a picture haha!

It’s totally accessible for UEA students. Because Bawburgh itself if quite a small village, buses are fairly infrequent. However, it’s only about a 6-7 minute drive from uni, and I can’t imagine it would cost more than £7 in a taxi, which would be really cheap if there were a few people going! It would even be possible to walk or bike (totally is, I just looked up the distance – only 3 miles!) as it is so close to uni! 

Here is the link to their website for more information:

I would definitely recommend checking it out, especially on a warm, sunny day!


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